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Diversity Leadership Alliance (DLA), a newly launched organization, aims to promote diversity in leadership and business among Canadian professionals and entrepreneurs. The organization’s goal is to facilitate professional development opportunities for business leaders and “leaders to be” coming from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. The exclusive launch of DLA took place at the VIP Members Lounge at Toronto City Hall on Wednesday September 14th, 2016, and was well attended by numerous Canadian leaders including Reza Moridi, Minister of Research and Innovation, and City Councilor Joe Mihevc. DLA knows that minorities are one of the fastest-growing segments of the labour force both locally and globally, and that shining the spotlight on diversity results in top business and economic performance. Not only is inclusiveness in the business world the right thing to do from a humanistic standpoint, it is also a strategy that delivers measurable and tangible results to organizations as they are able to reach and sell to all segments of society through having a workforce that truly gets how to connect with the masses. A diverse workforce prevents organizations from becoming too insular, and out of touch with its customer base. DLA’s President and visionary Founder Roberto Hausman truly believes in “cooperation, understanding, and the enhancement of our existing people and resources to be of the utmost importance”. His goal in founding DLA was to help people succeed professionally at the highest levels. Roberto and the other board members of DLA believe there is no doubt that today’s businesses should learn the value of diversity at all levels. Diversity can and should be a critical component of the business strategy that today’s leaders are seeking to implement, and should be recognized as a distinct competitive advantage. While research clearly demonstrates that diverse groups highly outperform non-diverse ones, current statistics demonstrate a lack of diversity in the C-suite. A key factor in this is exclusion from opportunities, networks and conversations that open doors to further development and promotion. DLA’s mission seeks to encourage and leverage the talent of current and future leaders, while fostering a sense of connectedness amongst peers. DLA feels that it’s no surprise that diversity at the top promotes diversity throughout the business, economic, and societal landscape. A diverse array of prominent leaders provides emerging leaders with role models that they can identify with. This creates an environment that helps those with diverse ethnic backgrounds to say, ‘If they can, I can’, which is a very important feeling that needs to be embedded in the next generation of leaders to help their success. The organization wants to make sure that our youth understand that they have support from the top. They want to set the tone for Canadian business culture by demonstrating their commitment and dedicating their personal time to working on inclusion for all. Samer Bishay, CEO of Iristel and SugarMobile, is one of DLA’s high profile board members and says that DLA’s vision is personally important to him as “the group helps to build a multi-ethnic community that bridges the gaps in business.” Mr.Bishay who was born in Cairo and moved to Nigeria as an infant where he spent much of his childhood, then eventually moved to Canada, credits much of his business success to his diverse cultural experiences. He says that “these experiences have directly strengthened his creativity, innovation, and imagination.” Furthermore he believes that his, “extensive cultural exposure has given him the ability to quickly adapt to various business situations, and seize opportunities.” As with President Roberto Hausman, Mr.Bishay strongly embraces the opportunity to contribute back to the community, and to share his experiences with the next generation. DLA’s next event is January 24th, 2017, and will focus on mentoring “young leaders to be”. Applicants who are between 20-30 years old, and aspiring to strengthen their professional or entrepreneurial skills are encouraged to apply at Selected applicants will receive free of charge a full day of mentorship from leading business executives and entrepreneurs. Readers of the Nigerian Canadian Newspaper are invited to a 6 month free membership to DLA, which can be accessed through





100% Success!

The exclusive event of the Diversity Leaders Alliance Cocktail reception Launching on  Sept/14 Wed. at the VIP Members Lounge at Toronto City Hall was just incredible!

We under promised and over delivered !  Comments: “It was awesome. It was truly an incredible event, what a vision! Thank you for the hard work your team is doing. Extraordinary people together, make such a positive contribution to our economy. Please keep doing what you are doing. Congratulations! and lots more

The place was absolutely packed with over 200 vibrant guests. It was incredible. A full house with VIP business and professional guests as well as dignitaries, Consuls, musicians, dancers and top notch ( “very abundant”) quality food and drinks were enjoyed by all.  The networking and socializing went on all evening and great connections started happening already.

We had nothing but praises and kind words, encouragement and “good vibes” from everyone present.

  • Minister of Research, Innovation and Science Reza Moridi, (on behalf of the Premier), City Councilor Joe Mihevc (on behalf of Mayor John Tory), Alex Beduz from  the Toronto Region Board of Trade, Michael Hopkins, Executive Director of the Provincial Committee Air Cadet league Canada, Andreas Kalogiannides of Music Business in Toronto, Laura Siegel, of Laura Siegel Collection, a star Young Entrepreneur, Consuls, and Media, all contributed to make the Launching a success.


  • Happy to have been able to attend this amazing event..what an energy in the group  Food Entertainment. Awards..all good! Still very interested in engaging business professionals with disabilities to add a perspective to your Board and initiatives. You should be very proud of the impact YOUR work continues to have. Be celebrated for the gift that YOU are in the lives of so many!    Best,  Michael Mackenzie, Montage Support Services-Employer Engagement
  • Roberto,  Tonight’s event was a great success – Kudos to your vision and hard work on such wonderful launch! All the best,   Paul
  • Hi Roberto,  Congratulations you did a phenomenal job last night! Well done my friend! All the best, Jas
  • Top of the day Roberto. I did not know what quite to expect with the “Diversity Leadership Alliance” and I came open minded. WOW what an evening! If this is your inaugural meeting then I am very excited for the Air Cadets to be part of this exciting organization.  I would like my diverse company to participate with this organization. My partner & I are business consultants and one of our focuses is Leadership. You are an inspiration and my mother always said, hang around with people who you want to aspire to become… You! Thanks,  Steve  LEED Green Associate
  • It was indeed a great event.  I had  few wonderful conversations.  The jokes ( and the music)  were just terrific. Joe M.
  • Hello Roberto,  Last night event was a huge success!  Thank you for all your hard work and your brilliant idea in uniting the leaders. Thank you all for your support and making this event possible.   Regards, Nasser
  • Thank you for all your hard work! Great feedback from a lot of people who also successfully did networking at the event. Sarif
  • What a wonderful event, and let me tell you, I’m so proud to know you. You are a great person.   Yuri
  • “It was awesome. It was truly an incredible event, what a vision! Thank you for the hard work your team is doing. Extraordinary people together, make such a positive contribution to our economy. Please keep doing what you are doing. Congratulations! and lots more.
  • Querido Roberto,  Hats off to you for a great job well done. A fantastic evening that turned to be a huge success.  As we say in our Maltese tongue – PROSIT. Saludos,   Milo
  • Thank you  for an outstanding night and event. I am looking forward to many more. It was such a pleasure to meet and talk with everyone. So proud to be a part of this.  Regards, Sylvia
  • It was great to see you at the launch and many congratulation for your hard work. I enjoyed you speech very much. Hope our paths will cross soon.  Best- Sukhjit Singh, CCS