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Benefits for sponsors and members

  1. The Alliance makes special efforts to seek leadership, and ensures that proven leaders in business and professional fields exist within its ranks. Sponsors and members of the Alliance will enjoy exposure and access to proven, elite leadership for advice, mentorship, lectures and experience in support of diversity projects and business opportunities.
  2. The Alliance understands that the art of leadership is a practice that cannot be taught quickly, nor delivered piecemeal. Sponsors and members of the Alliance will enjoy sustained, continued support and mentorship with the leadership of the Alliance, as a part of our commitment to ‘Lead by Example’ through dedication and community service, with social responsibility and  guidance.
  3. The Alliance will deliver on its common goals of providing mentorship, improving quality of life and supporting future business leaders. Sponsors and members of the Alliance will be able to join a thriving and dynamic environment by which future and present leaders can find inspiration, motivation and commitment to completion of goals, partnerships and opportunities within the Alliance’s ranks.
  4. The Alliance is committed to ensuring that their business, political, and  social experience is passed onto the next generation of leaders. Sponsors and members of the Alliance will be exposed to unparalleled access to a deep well of lessons learned, best practices, strategic and tactical thinking, with a passionate commitment to ensuring the future leaders of tomorrow will improve their businesses, family lives, communities and country through diversity, partnerships and inspired leadership.

*Leadership      *Integrity       *Professionalism

These are the values  we must give to the new generation of leaders, and specifically to those of a diverse background